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Who we are
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  • Entrepreneurs
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  • Business partners

Annette and Andrew founded the Vizier practice in 2013 to build direct, lasting client relationships. Vizier enjoys a growing portfolio of clients and also continues to win consulting work with large businesses in tax and financial model build. Michal Sagan joined Vizier as an assistant accountant in 2016 and is firmly embedded as a team member.
Annette Grove - Director
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Big 4 experience
  • Tax expert with law and accounting degrees

Our clients think that Annette is worth her weight in gold. Her ability to grasp the intricacies in legal, tax and financial matters and to liaise with clients, legal counsel and HMRC to achieve powerful outcomes has earned her the respect of all concerned and she is now the 'go to' person for many initiatives and problems that arise in the course of our clients' business affairs.
Andrew Grove - Director
  • Chartered Management Accountant
  • Commercial and Top Ten public practice experience
  • Financial model build and database expertise

Andrew is a science degreed, creative problem solver with the skills and experience to capture transform business data and relationships into robust, user friendly models and systems to help achieve business goals. Andrew is a clear and succinct communicator, and his ability to frame ideas in a clear way (often with the aid of Excel and maths) establishes trust, confidence and consensus with clients.